Dealflow Brokerage has actually established, acquired, and sold many different online businesses over the last few years. We recognize that every online business is special and applies a highly personalized method. Our team has knowledge in many places. Some of these include: legal advisory, consulting, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, and more. When searching to sell an online business it’s essential to have an exit plan. Here is a brief summary of our process. First, our advisors will certainly help you to set realistic goals and suggest which things you should do. Throughout this process, you will get to know the opportunity there is, as well as the risk included. While there are many different things that you could do when selling your online business, our team focuses on what will get you the most results. Next, we will get extra information about the business through Google analytics that is used to get a valuation. After that, we will research companies that are in related verticles and may have an interest in strategic acquisition, as well as reaching out to our network of buyers. Once you get an offer that you’re happy with we will help to transition the business over to the buyer and you will get paid. To obtain started with selling your online business today get in touch with Dealflow Brokerage.

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