Specialties Greetings 🙂 Solar MGM Inc Services include: – Solar Electric System Installation – Backup Generators and – Full Electrical Contractor Service. Solar MGM offers extensive services in the field of electricity. As we evolved throughout the last 15 years, we learned that we are no ordinary company and to add to our uniqueness we have supplemented to our resume Solar Panel Installation for our residential and business clients. Solar electric systems also known as Photovoltaic systems in the state of California is a rapidly growing trend which within its core lays the need of the many to transform daily habits to clean green and efficient Solar Power. Our team will provide you with a free evaluation and estimate of your residential and or business property. Be rest assured you will be taken care of with 110% satisfaction. Respectfully Solar MGM Team History Established in 2000 It all started During the late 90s as we established our Experience, knowledge and formed our first Electrical service company. Recently we have joined hands with a reputable and well known Electricians and formed Solar MGM Inc. Now with our joint forces we are here to make a difference in the new age of renewable energy. Meet the Business Owner:
Eddie B. Entrepreneur

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