Specialties Painting Contractor in Los Angeles for commercial and residential projects specializing in painting exterior and interior of buildings. Specialties include power washing, plaster repair, waterproofing, paint stripping, quality preparation, caulking, glazing, and texture coating for metal, wood, stucco and other exterior surfaces. Custom color mixing, matching, and tinting. We paint parking garages, warehouses, and other surfaces using quality products and cost effective methods. Deck and roof coatings that exceed Title 24 requirements, scaffolding, aerial boom lifts, homeowner’s association specialties, elastomeric paint application, epoxy coatings, and industrial coatings for various applications. History Established in 2003 Painters with 25 years of experience began as a quality custom painting business serving the communities around Los Angeles. Building clients such as Nike, Fry’s Electronics, Ralphs Gocery Stores, Houston’s Restaurants and others, the community and projects speak for themselves. They have been on the HGTV and have been proud sponsors of giving back to the community with www.smiletrain.org and Animal Care Services and many others in need. Meet the Business Owner:
Roxane M. Roxane McCosh, co-owner of All Ways Painting & Decorating, Inc. began her career in construction, then transferred to managerial focus of commercial property management companies working for Heitman Properties PM Realty among others. Roxane met Wes during this managerial focus and with their creative talents, they developed All Ways Painting & Decorating. Co-owner, Wes F. started at a young age as a painter working with Steven Censarri, Greg Hutchinson, and Hugh Hechner (not Hefner), where he learned to perform work quickly with one employer and with quality from another. His other specialty was attained while working with Webb’s Painting performing industrial applications to warehouses. His merging of these skills created a highly efficient method of application where he has awed people with his efficient, yet fine approach to his work. All Ways Painting and Decorating Also Recommends Shilpark Paint Company 1640 S Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90006 Category: Painters “Great service, great products, great price.” Sherwin-Williams 5756 Mesmer Ave Culver City, CA 90230 Category: Home & Garden “Available 7 days a week, excellent manager, quality products.”

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